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Glitch: Allows Instant Application of Bandages and Shields

A new glitch has been found in Patch v3.5.2 that allows the user to instantly apply bandages and shields, with only a few button pushes. The method was found by a Reddit user and Epic is aware and has added it to their Trello board for patching.

Discovered by Reddit user /u/Tyl0o, this glitch allows users to instantly apply bandages and shields. To achieve this, simply use the ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ emote and then crouch, then apply the bandage or shield. It is demonstrated in he video below:

New glitch allows you to use Big Shields and Bandages in 1 sec from FortNiteBR

Tfue, a popular streamer on Twitch, has discovered that the same glitch can also be replicated with only a simple crouch:

Epic is aware of the bug and is working to get it patched as soon as possible:

It is currently unknown if this bug is considered unfair gameplay and if it will elad to your account being banned. Stay tuned for further updates here and on our Twitter account!