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‘Brite Bag’ Spotted In-Game! Coming Soon?

In a video posted to YouTube, user ‘FatalL3gacy’ spotted a user wearing a brightly colored backpack in his pre-game lobby. The clip is short, as the Battle Bus in launching and the match beginning, however you can see the user is wearing a very familiar Brite Bag on his back and emoting at other users.

Images for the Brite Bag can be found over at Storm Shield One database. There is no current information on how to obtain the bag.

The video of the backpack in action has been included below:

We may see this item releasing soon, or maybe it’s just another Epic Games troll moment.This would be the PERFECT back bling for the Brite Bomber skin!

Stay tuned for more information about the ‘Brite Bag’ and it’s possible release! Check out some other upcoming item releases that we covered in a previous post.