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Fortnite Meteor: Everything We Know

Starting back in March users noticed a strange comet/meteor in the sky, telescopes pointed at Tilted Towers and new ‘comet’ assets in the game files. Conspiracy theories around the comet heading for Tilted Towers were being posted all over the /r/FortNiteBR subreddit.

The Beginning

Tilted Tower will be nuked soon and here is the evidence from FortNiteBR

Fortnite Comet

Credit: /u/Niccorazi-_- on Reddit

Then, the telescopes:

Fortnite Telescopes

Credit: /u/Reek96 On Reddit

Morse Code Signals Discovered

Console players were having issues with their controllers exhibiting random vibrations, seemingly out of nowhere. One Reddit user, Vigilancefoetracer, decided to look further into these vibrations, discovering that it was Morse code!

The result he got was “SOS D5 418”. SOS is the universal signal for distress, D5 is the coordinate of Tilted Towers on the in-game map, and 418 can either mean April 18th or April 2018.

Today is April 18th, and the meteor has begun to exhibit strange noises, its grown larger, and it has begun to fall.

Impact! LTM

A few weeks later, @TwoEpicBuddies found references to a new ‘Impact!’ LTM mode in the Playlist section of the game files:

It seems very likely that the comet/meteor and this LTM go hand-in-hand and that the Impact! LTM will probably release the same time the comet hits the map.

Strange Object Under Tilted Towers?

Shortly after the introduction of Replay Mode into Fortnite, users noticed a strange object under Tilted Towers:

A closer look reveals that this is the same recently discovered game asset that is labeled as ‘SM_Comet_Center’ by Epic Games.

Fortnite Comet

The Meteor Falls

Then, earlier today, a user on Reddit, /u/Plus5Defense, posted a video of the comet and it seemed to be falling towards the island! The comet seems to have gotten much larger than when it was first spotted, too.

Just seen this shoot across the sky. from FortNiteBR

In addition to this, many smaller ‘shooting stars’ were seen across the Fortnite skyline.

The Strange Noise

Users noticed that if you looked toward the comet, a strange sound was emitted, as seen in this clip from popular Fortnite streamer, Ninja:

Reddit user Lucas7yoshi has taken the audio file and ran it as a spectrogram, using the program Spek. This has revealed some interesting results, as you can clearly see the ‘Take the L” emote in the spectrogram.

The "Take The L" dance can be seen in a spectrograph of the sound from the comet when you aim at it. from FortNiteBR

So, when is it impacting?

Unfortunately, there is still no evidence to exactly when the comet will strike the map. However, this is an awesomely cool easter egg from Epic Games and it is going to happen very soon!

It most likely will not impact until the end of the season, due to many challenges being present in the Season 3 Battle Pass that relate to Tilted Towers. Many people have hopes that the meteor will impact tonight with content update 3.5.0, but it is unlikely.

Update: The Meteor May Impact Tomorrow

New evidence released in Patch v3.6.0 seems to indicate the meteor will strike tomorrow. A new area discovered on a rooftop in Tilted Towers seems to indicate the meteor will destroy our beloved city tomorrow, April 25th.

tilted Towers Destroyed Tomorrow by comet

There are some signs on the roof that indicate support for Tilted, a comet and the word “today” crossed out and “tomorrow” written underneath it.






Surely this points to Tilted Towers being wiped off the face of the map tomorrow…right?

More Meteor Sounds Found in Game Files

The folks over at have found some interesting things by digging into the game files from patch v3.6.0. They have found a whole lot of Meteor sounds, that seem to signal its path towards the map with various distances and states being named in the files.

Meteor Sound Files Datamine

They have included a video of all of the sounds they found, you can find it below: (WARNING: These sounds may be VERY LOUD. Please use caution before listening and adjust your headphone/speaker volume.)

Update: The TVs…they’re broadcasting something…

All of the TVs in Fortnite have begun to emit an emergency siren, while displaying an emergency broadacst image featuring a llama:

This is confirmed to be real, as the official Fortnite Twitter has posted the same image from the broadcast on their account:

Meteor Emergency Image

The Morse Code

The plot thickens, so to speak! @TwoEpicBuddies are at it again with the easter egg decoding. They have discovered that the noise heard in the emergency broadcast is morse code, and spells out the message “They don’t want us to k…”

They don’t want us to k..? Most users believe the message is trying to say ‘They don’t want us to know’, but this is not confirmed.

The Meteors Begin to Impact!

On April 26, all over Twitter and Reddit, users are reporting that comets are falling from the sky, exploding as they strike the island. See the video below for in-game footage:

A comet just hit my game! What is this guys?! from FortNiteBR

The meteors/comets seem to cause damage to trees and structures, but do not harm players. Since the discovery of the meteor/comet sound files earlier, it was expected that this would be coming. Next question, what will they hit next?

Stay tuned to our Twitter and this blog for more information as it becomes available.

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