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Jetpack in Fortnite Battle Royale: What We Know

UPDATE: The jetpack will NOT be coming to the March 8th v3.2.0 update:

Last week, Epic Games announced that a jetpack would be coming soon to Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was originally planned to be released with v3.1.0, however it was scrapped at the last minute due to a “last minute design issue”. Instead, the Hunting Rifle was added in its place.

Epic Games has been pretty silent about the addition of the jetpack, aside from some teaser photos. Most of the information we know about the jetpack comes from data mining of the games’ files. Storm Shield One has put out a tweet that hints to a few things about the Jetpack.

Note: Due to the nature of data mines, none of the following information is confirmed and is all speculation.

It Will Be the Star of a Limited Time Mode

According to Storm Shield One, the jetpack is only on the loot table for the Limited Time Mode: Take To The Skies. This means we may never see the jetpack in regular modes and it will only be found in this LTM.

It Uses Fuel

Deep in the files for Fortnite, some references to a ‘Fuel up’, ‘Fuel Out’, and ‘Fuel Warning’ were found. This is a clear indicator that the jetpack will rely on fuel to keep it going. However, the method for obtaining fuel is currently unknown.

According to Storm Shield One, the jetpack will regenerate fuel over time and may regenerate fuel faster with an item or will regenerate only with that item.

It Can Hover

Three files in the data mine point to a “hovering” feature of the jetpack. This seems like an easy way to conserve fuel without landing, and also an easy way to make yourself a target.

All of this leaking makes me think that the jetpack is just around the corner. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, because the jetpack is going to be a very interesting addition to the game!