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TV Screens in Fortnite Showing Llama Emergency Broadcast with Sirens

All of the TVs in Fortnite have begun to emit an emergency siren, while displaying an emergency broadcast image featuring a llama:

This is confirmed to be real, as the official Fortnite Twitter has posted the same image from the broadcast on their account:

Meteor Emergency Image

The Morse Code

The plot thickens, so to speak! @TwoEpicBuddies are at it again with the easter egg decoding. They have discovered that the noise heard in the emergency broadcast is morse code, and spells out the message “They don’t want us to k…”

They don’t want us to k..? Most users believe the message is trying to say ‘They don’t want us to know’, but this is not confirmed.

Surely, the end is near and the meteor will be striking at any moment. Braces yourselves, and stay indoors.