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Meteor Spotted Falling from the Sky in Fortnite

The ongoing Fortnite meteor conspiracy theory has taken a new turn: the meteors have begun to fall from the sky towards the map.

Just seen this shoot across the sky. from FortNiteBR

The Fortnite meteor conspiracy theory began with the sighting of the meteor in the sky, and it has slowly been growing in size over the past few weeks. The theory is that the comet will wipe out Tilted Towers, and create a crater in the map. Players began to experience strange controller vibrations, which were believed to be Morse code and read out that an ‘SOS’ and the date ‘April 18’.

Now, the comet is much larger in size, and has begun its descent towards the island below.

Fortnite Meteor

According to, users began to see smaller ‘shooting stars’ also moving through the sky:

These smaller ‘shooting stars’ have progressed to much larger ‘shooting stars’ falling across the sky:

Update: Ninja has discovered that if you look at the comet, a strange sound will occur:

We will keep this post updated as more information becomes available. One thing is for sure, this comet is going to hit the map, hard.