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New Cosmetics Found in v3.2.0 Patch Files

With Easter and St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it can be expected that Fortnite will most likely release cosmetics to celebrate! Well, Storm Shield One has found some exciting new cosmetics in the v3.2.0 Patch files that show some new emotes, glider skins, back skins, pick axe skins, and player skins that surely have an Easter/St. Patrick’s Day vibe. Here are the skins:


Battle Hound (Legendary) – Sgt. Green Clover (Uncommon) – Highland Warrior (Epic)


Power Chord (Epic) –  Rose Team Leader (Legendary) – Warpaint (Legendary)



Storm Sigil (Uncommon) and Checker (Rare)


Rusty Rider (Epic) and Stage Dive (Rare)


Backpacks/Pick Axes

Pursuit (Legendary) and Skirmish (Legendary)


Six String (Epic) and Pot o’ Gold (Epic)


Buckler (Epic) and Silver Fang (Rare)


Anarchy Axe (Rare) and Spectral Axe (Rare)



From Left to Right:

Jubilation (Uncommon) – Confused (Rare) – Brush Your Shoulders (Uncommon) – Breaking Point (Uncommon) – Step it Up (Rare)

There are some pretty cool items in here, and with these holidays right around the corner, I bet we will see these skins release within the next week or so!