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Patch v4.2 Leaked Cosmetics

Patch v4.2 Cosmetics Leak

Every patch, data miners dive in and see what new goodies await us in the upcoming weeks. This time, a few “outbreak” and “merman” themed items have been found. Take a look at the leaked Fortnite items in Patch v4.2 below!

Toxic Trooper (Epic) and Hazard Agent (Epic)


Venturion (Epic) and Moisty Merman (Legendary)


Bandolier (Epic) and Director’s Cut (Rare)


Airfoil (Rare) and Autocleave (Rare)


Stop Axe (Rare) and Meltdown (Uncommon)


Triumph (Uncommon) and Mertank (Legendary)


Contagion (Epic) and Pathogen (Epic)