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Season 3 – Week 6 Challenges Locations (With Guides)

More challenges came out with patch v3.4.0, bringing some more creative ways to earn those coveted Battle Stars! Check out the Week 6 challenges below:

Season 3, Week 6 Challenges Fortnite

  • Deal 500 damage with SMGs to opponents
  • Search 7 Chests in Anarchy Acres
  • Place a Cozy Campfire
  • Summit 10 different Mountains Peaks
  • Search between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards and a Crashed Bus (HARD)
  • Explosive 3 Weapon Eliminations (HARD)
  • Eliminate 3 opponents in Retail Row (HARD)

As always, we have included a handy map to help you quickly solve all of the challenges for Week 6:

“Search between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards and a Crashed Bus”

To complete this hidden Battle Star challenge, simply visit a ‘hidden’ location just east of Shity Shafts, circled in red on the map above. Once you are there, the emblem will pop up and interacting with it will complete the challenge. Below is an image of the location as it appears in-game:

-Image Coming Soon-

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