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Tilted Towers Comet Theory: What We Know

If you’ve been on the /r/FortniteBR subreddit lately, you’ve surely noticed all of the speculative and conspiracy-laced posts about Tilted Towers and a…comet? It’s no surprise that many want to see the recently-added city destroyed, as it is fairly unbalanced and can be very “tilting” to land at.

A Reddit user by the handle of Tactical_Pepperoni has posted a thread on Reddit hinting that Tilted Towers may be struck by a comet. Let’s say that again. Tilted Towers will be struck, and destroyed, by a comet. Here is an excerpt from his post with the details:

So, as we all know, Tilted Towers hasn’t seen much love from the devs lately and they obviously want it to disappear. Now I noticed this today, a bright blue meteorite in the sky, going towards TT and Telescopes with a blue reflection in their lenses. Also, the Battle Pass is space themed and towards the end of the Battle Pass tiers, an explosion is being hinted at. A nuke emoticon, flame stripes and a dinosaur banner symbol at the second last tier. My theory: Tilted Towers will be blown up at the last day of this season and the next thing to come up will be something space-related, maybe aliens or some f—- up s—. Also, the Fortnite map resembles Poland and Tilted Towers lies at approximately the same position on the map where Polands Poznań is located – the place where the Morasko meteorite struck. Coincidence? I don’t f—- think so!

First spotted by Reddit user Niccorazi-_-, a comet located in the sky, heading for Titled Towers:

Fortnite Comet

Credit: /u/Niccorazi-_- on Reddit

Also, in patch v3.4.0, telecopes were added around the map that seem to point towards Tilted Towers:

Fortnite Telescopes

Credit: /u/Reek96 On Reddit

To further support this conspiracy theory, IronRectangle, another Reddit user, has discovered comet assets in the Fortnite game files.

Fortnite CometFortnite Comet

To go even further down the rabbit hole, the same Reddit users have further enhanced the theory, alluding that Epic Games have purchased a studio and some of the ex-employees may have a homage related to the comet:

Okay, here we are again and we’ve got something new about the Tilted Towers meteorite theory.u/niccorazi-_-, u/GeneralErica and me (u/Tactical_Peperoni) just discovered something very interesting concerning our last theory ( Games bought a studio called “People Can Fly” (a reference to the movie Kalifornia) which was soon to be called “Epic Games Poland” in 2007; this very studio was founded in Poland. And here comes the crux: one of the founders of this studio is named Andrzej Poznanski. Sounds familiar, right? Furthermore, this very founder of “People Can Fly” started a new studio in 2012 called “The Astronauts” after cutting ties with Epic Games.This might all be a hommage to Epic Games Poland/People Can Fly and it’s founders new studio, “The Astronauts”. The meteorite might crash down on Poznan to either hommage them or symbolize their break-up (Poznan(ski) being wiped from the map).Stay tuned, fellas and keep your tinfoil hats on at all times!

So, this is pretty crazy. It is a wonderful, exciting little consipracy theory and it keeps getting better each day. We will keep you updated on any new developments…or if Titled Towers gets wiped off the map. Is this just some cruel April Fool’s joke?