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New Area in Tilted Towers Suggests Destruction Tomorrow

A new area has been found since Patch v3.6.0 dropped that seems to indicate Tilted Towers will be destroyed by a comet tomorrow. The area is located on a rooftop in our beloved city and has painted signs that support this theory.

There are a few signs on top of this new rooftop area that show support for Tilted Towers with an image of a city surrounded by a heart, and also a sign of a green comet.


Perhaps the most interesting sign of all is a sign with the word “tomorrow” written underneath a crossed out word “today”.

This is all very interesting to see, but we still have zero CONFIRMED information about the comet or it’s intentions with our beloved Tilted Towers. It surely does seem like something will be wiped from the map tomorrow, though. Possibly to signal the upcoming ‘Impact!‘ game mode? Stay tuned to find out.