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Upcoming Items: MOAB, Bee Grenades, and More!

More data mining of Fortnite’s game files have revealed some interesting new items that may be coming to Battle Royale in the comings weeks.

Among these items, there are some very interesting mentions:

  • Air Strike Laser
  • MOAB
  • Telegrenade
  • Beehive Grenade

NOTE: These items were found via Storm Shield One‘s database and are not confirmed to be coming to the game. They were just found in the data files and could be placed there by Epic Games to throw data miners off.

Air Strike Laser

Mark a location to deliver an Air Strike with 4 Bomb payload.

Durr Burger Helmet

“A corporate mascot helmet that protects from a single instance of critical damage. Durr!”


“Increases inventory size.”

Beehive Grenade


Big Poppy

“A self-inflating balloon that demands personal space.”

Bottle Rocket

“Hurls a grenade. bang bang!”

C4 (Remote Explosives)

“Toss an explosive charge that can be detonated with your alternate fire or by shooting the charge.”

Concussion Mine

“Deals damage and slows nearby enemies when triggered.”

 Energy Crystals

“Not to be confused with healing crystals.”

Gas Grenade

“Hurls a Stink Bomb. Better clear out!”

Golden Ticket

“Take a second ride on the Battle Bus and redeploy!”


“Has healing properties. Get some health back.”


“Hurls one M80 explosive for a small bang. Consumes on use.”

Popup Grenade / Popup Grenade 2by2

“Cover in a bottle!”


“Shoots a celebratory bottle rocket into the sky. Consumes on use.”

Mimic Bomb

“Place a decoy chest, which is triggered whenever an enemy player comes within range”


“Launches a tiny rocket that makes a big BOOM!”

Slow Grenade

“Create a zone of slow motion for all nearby players”

Supply Drop Signal

“Throw the signal to mark a location for a Supply Drop!”


“Teleporter grenade!”

Tesla Totem

“Zapper totem that slows and damages enemies.”

Vacuum Grenade


“Hurls a grenade that knocks back all nearby players once it explodes.”

I don’t think all of these items have a place in Fortnite: Battle Royale, but some of these could be really cool! Stay tuned to see if any of these actually make it into the game.